We pride ourselves on the standard of the library and are continually upgrading and expanding our facilities. Our library has extensive subject collections to support both recommended and background reading. There are 12000 books in the library. There is a computer with internet based library catalogue that provides access to search and user services to students. Most books in the library are on open access and can be borrowed for a month at a time. Multiple copies of essential course text are provided on the advice of tutors. The library also carries a wide range of supplementary reading.
        The library staff makes the best efforts to help every students to make effective use of library.The library inany educational institution is considered as its heart and spirit. It. also reflects the ethos and the culture of that Institution.
The Institution has very big library about 12000 (Twelve  Thousand) Books & 1200 (One thousand Two Thousand) Titles pertaining to the pedagogical and methodologies areas of Teachers Education fulfilling the requirements of M.Ed. , B.Ed. B.A., M.A.,  students. The Llibrary is an amalgamation of the old as well as the recent books and joumals it also has all prominent encyclopedias.
The Institution library remains open on all the working bays from 10 AM to 4.30 PM. Every student or visitor to the library makes an entry of his/her name before entering it.
The library also subscribes to a number of Indian and Foregin Journals, Newsparers and Magazines.
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Approximate Books  12000
Journals 21
Encyclopedia 11
Monthly Magazine 15
Weekly 10
University News 05
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